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Posted on September 30th, 2013 | by punkpred |

Have you tried out cheating? Theres nothing odd about it, if you figure that 75 percent of men and at least 45 percent of women cheat at least once in their lifetime. Thats not me saying it, those are national stats gathered by a famous international company that is dedicated only to taking in statistics. Did you know that the cheating rate in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia are the highest in the world. However right behind these contries comes the rest of Europe and Japan. Affair Dating, thats what I’m talking about. Getting laid with someone that is married just like you and that wants to get away from their regular boring or even fucked up life, just for a few hours.

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…Just like my co-worker here that goes by the name of Stella. Shes the one that told me about Untrue.com while we were making out in the mens toilets at work. Shes 32 and has been cheating on her husband for a little over seven months, she found out eight months ago that he was cheating on her and she totally gave up on him and started to fuck everyone that she thought was cute, me included. The risk however was very high and she didn’t want to get caught and show that shes a big whore, as much as he is.

She signed up to Untrue.com and there she found hundreds of guys in our town that were in a relationship but were seeking sex and a sex partner for long term relationships or simply for one night. She’s getting laid every time that she wants and I can confirm after signing up, that there are at least 350 chicks just like her in my town that are seeking sex all the time.

Our town it fucking small, so I can imagine if I lived in a town like LA how many babes I could chose from to have sex with. Consider that, there are 13 million members in the United States alone, so it really makes sense, when the cheating reach is so high and so many people that want to cheat are distributed around this great nation of ours, and another 35 million around the world, so no matter where the fuck you are, you’ll find someone to fuck in your town guaranteed!

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