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All six on the same webcam?

It’s a shame that with the screen shot that I took there are only three of the six whore that were getting fucking in this webcam show that I was watching over at Flash for gold. Well it’s really called but a lot of people like to call it in a lot of different way, whatever. All that I care about is that the shows are nearly all free, just time once in a while and that the close to 2000 people that model on there are all hot, smoking hot, or have a fetish that you are stuck on. So you cant lose. It’s a shame that the 6 guys on 1 dude is just a once a day thing, I watched it a few hours ago and I can guarantee you that I’m ready for another right now!!

livefreefun 3

Bending over to take it up the ass

This mixed chick with the nice round ass is called Angela Gagabunga, shes from an island off the coast of Africa and she’s the new star at live sex cam free, everyone is going crazy over this whore and to be honest so am I, I really do like her and when she bends over in her thigh high stay up black stockings and slides that huge and I say HUGE dildo up her ass I get the biggest fucking boner of my life. This chick is the bomb and she surely is worth a P2P private show, you need to check her out one on one and then come back to me here on the blog and tell me wasn’t she the best interactive experience that you have ever had in all your fucking life?!


Sweet ass teen takes on two for the first time

Big ass fucking that what everyone is asking about on my blogs so I thought that I’d post a few of these videos. The babe in this movie was a fat bitch, she lost 90 pounds in 18 months, she was one fat ass bitch, but look at her now, isn’t she fucking amazing? Today is a very special day for her for two very good reasons. The first would be that she has never fucked two cocks at the same time, that’s correct, she’s never been gangbanged before, the second is that she has never been caught on video tape taking the cock, she did a few sexy striptease videos with her friends in college but nothing like this, that’s for fucking sure. The reason that shes on video sucking and fucking two very large cocks is that she is staring in a porn pilot, thats a movie that is made to see the skills of the babes and if these skills are appreciated by the adult entertainment producers then its game and she’ll be in California very soon taking as much cock as they can throw at her in exchange of some big money

Young mother sucks cock to pay her bills

feetfetish is the page on where this crazy hot mom can be found, she needs cash like everyone else, but shes behind on her rent and has two young kids. So she models for this webcam network and as you can see from the video she will take a cock or two a week to keep the cash flow up. Right now I don’t know who made this video and I have less than a clue how it actually got on the web and into our hands. I can tell you though that it’s authentic, 100% amateur and she sure knows how to handle a hard thick stick, check her profile out, as you can see I linked it above.

The ass that all guys want to fuck

But from what it seems, I’m the only free live cam chat customer that actually got to date this babe and take her back to my home and fuck her hard. She told me not to leave her name on here as she could get in trouble with the company, as it’s against the rules to date customers, but now and then she will break that rule if the dude is worth fucking. She said that I’m totally fuckable and it took us no time to meet up and do all the filthy things that we like best. I came all over her boobs and when we were done I jumped in the shower while she got dressed and didn’t even whipe the cum off her breast, she said that she likes to have it on her and would shower when she got back to her place, now thats some freaky shit and I like it. Go check her and all her friends out over at


Hidden camera fuck

Can we call this a sex tape? I mean take a look at the video. It’s a scene where the chick has really no idea that there is a webcam hid in that shoe box and the dude is keen on keeping her pointing towards the camera, all the action, the cock sucking the cock riding, is all where the camera can see, so yes thats a sex tape for me. Then we have the question, is it still a sex tape if the chick is called HotFlBabe and happens to be one of the biggest webcam whores in the history of the internet? Cam a webcam-Pornsta be in a sex tape? I know that I sound stupid, but this is what me and a few dudes were talking about yesterday evening at the office and I’d love to know what you guys have to say about all this., please drop a comment and I’ll get back with you, thanks.

me and squirting women

OK, so let me first say that I’ve been working in the adult business as a cameraman for around 11 years, it’s a job that I don’t mind, I don’t like it that much, but it pays very well and so with all my bills paid and a nice amount of cash in the bank, I’ll keep doing it until I retire and thats not for a long time considering that I’m only 31 years old. So I was visiting a page of a website that the company I work for own, it’s not a porn site, its a webcam show site, where girls and guys strip, dance and do all sorts of dirty things, it’s a leader in its branch and I’m happy for them that their making all this cash with it and that they have over 2.000 male and female models working for them now. But what I found unreal and I still have to see this shit live are the Squirting Live Shows. The ones where the chicks will rub or fuck their cunts and shoot their liquids all over the room, I mean in 11 years in the biz I still have to ask one of these whores how do they do it, I really wanna know, because when they do squirt they say they have a massive orgasm and that it feels so fucking good. So I told my boss that next time that they have a squirting slut shooting a movie I wanna be there to film it so that I can ask them all about it and most of all how can I make my GF cum like that!

Cam Girl that loves black cocks

When we say: Free Ebony Live Sex we expect a black chick and black dick right? Not in this case, cos I want to show you Simone a blonde babe from Israel that has a big thing for black cocks. Simone is an ex model that turned to porn as her runway career started to decline, she put on some wight and was no longer skinny like a twig, but she had a fine ass and bigger boobs, she was no longer good for them thin dresses and shit, so she needed a job, she found it taking cocks up her holes and in majority, black dicks. Since then she’s done over 100 porn movies, all of great quality, she will do DP and anal, shes even done some double anal, thats where she will take two cocks up her ass at the same time, I know very bizarre but it seems that a lot of perverted fuckers like it. She’s on cam now and then at and there she’ll do the same thing, and stuff two big dildo’s up her pussy then double fuck ass and cunt at the same time. I put the link below so click on the banner and go check her and all her friends out. It’s worth the visit if you also take into consideration all the free shows these whores give away!


Nice ass bitch takes a serious cock

Whats with the green stockings I said to myself, why do you need shit like that when you have maybe the best ass in the porn industry? Well I then found out that shes from a college close by and that she went over to the studios to do a pilot for a movie that should be in the works very soon calle: Ass Porn. She wanted to be a part of it and I don’t see why she shouldn’t look at that ass and look how she bends over to take that cock all the way up her holes. I’m ready to bet $100 that she gets the place in the movie to be. Not only has she a nice ass, she’s nice overall, long body, sexy legs, and very pretty. It’s actually a shame to see her doing porn. You could see someone this hot in the movies but at at the regular movies like Hollywood. However I know some of these babes that say that they love doing what they do, they love to take cock for cash on video and prefer to do what their doing rather than regular acting. No shit, all these chicks all the know what to do is take cock, you really think that they can act?…NOT!

Giga flirt now what the fuck is all this about?

It’s a place to meet girls you stupid fuckers and for you girls it’s a place to meet guys and the best thing of all is that no one wants a relationship, they do however want to fuck, the news is out and thousands of whores and dudes are out on the site and getting laid every night. How many times have you heard that on a website of a blog? Where they offer you miracle dates and super hot chicks that want to fuck you and just you. They’re the sites you need to stay away from and simply use Giga flirt for all your “Getting Laid” needs. Try it and if you don’t find someone like you that wants to fuck that lives in your same town, then I’ll pay your sign up fee. Wait there is no sign up fee, well whatever I’ll bend over and you can kick my ass, hows that?

giga flirt

Four of the fucking best

Ha anyone been to latin live sex these days? Have you seen the make up they made on that website? Have you seen how many new girls that they have on there now? You haven’t? Dude if you’re a Latina lover let me tell you, that if you ain’t there you’re fucking retarded. As you can see I’ve posted below four of the best chicks that I found. The top left is the one with the biggest tits I have ever seen in all my life, while the bottom left chick has the finest big ass I have ever seen on a South American babe, Top right is with no doubt the hottest of them all, while the bottom right chick is not as pretty as the other three, but when I say that she’s the biggest whore on the whole site, then I suggest that you trust what I say. All worth a free show so don’t waste time go jack off to them.


Everyones sweet angel

She has the most weird username that I have everr read. How the fuck has she all these followers and fans when her username reads: UrSweetAangel?! I mean seriously what the fuck, use something easy and whats with the fucking AA? I mean you make no sense you silly fucking bitch! Bitch, thats the perfect word for this whore, shes 19 years old acts like a veteran cock manager and is great on cam. When I say great I mean it as not only have other confirmed what I say, but I like them have already had shows (free ones) with this slut. If she was in the room with me doing the show, she would have eaten my cock to death, thats what a person she is, she eats cock for breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack, she is in this cam biz because she likes cocks and not for the cash, so you imagine how much she must love cock!


Rosemary curvy to the perfect point

Hey guys, it’s me again, how are you porn fuckers doing? Hope well! Well, yesterday I was as usual online fishing for new porn videos and instead of porn I landed on a Curvy sex chat page and got stuck on it, not because my computer froze, but because the chicks actually got me hooked up there. I signed up to the chat and went into P2P with a gorgeous chick called Rosemery age 24 nice round build and horny as hell. It was a great free trial and loved watching her masturbate and stuffing her holes with big dildo’s. I have a history of big babes, not fat but nice and round. My first fuck at the age of 18 was with a nice round 23 year old whore called Leigh, she was from Georgia and was visiting friends here in Florida, we hooked up and spent the night together at my place and fucked till dawn. Thats when I got into bigger babes and since then for me they’ve been the only way!


I wonder why they call him Blkk Stallion?

I was just being sarcastic, but now theres another question and that would be: “What is this big black 6 packer dude doing on my blog. Well lets say this: We have been posting now for over six years big ass bitches that suck fuck and take it up the ass, but we never post about the dudes that stick their cock inside these bitches holes, so lets talk about them! Did you know that most of the male pornstars in these movies are also webcam guys? Did you know that some of them are actually gay? (thats why they last so long with a woman) and did you know that most of them can be found on Daddy Gay Show a gay webcam site that every guy that likes guys and women that love fit me go to every day. It’s actually a fact that since the summer of 2012 it has become the most popular gay website for cams on the internet. I took a pic of Stallion from his profile, just to show around, if you want to check out his page click on that image, enough said, later!


They met online he fucked her in house

On-line – In-house, do you get it? Well whatever you fuckers! Yep you got it right, thats Stephan and thats another hot babe that he just hooked up with on Amateur Match. The dude is making bank every fucking time that he logs on that website, he gets so much pussy that now hes even turning down the babes that hit him up wanting to go out and fuck, he is fucking a chick a day and has been doing so for the past five weeks, hes close to the 100 whores fucked thanks to, not bad if you think that you don’t even have to pay for the service!

College girl fucked hard and exposed on video

college porn oh my dear college porn, I love college girls getting fucked on videos. College porn has to be the best and I say the very best porn category. I love them amateur whores that in some cases are so fucking drunk that they have no idea that they’re being filmed. Like this chick in the video shes totally stoned so the dude thats banging and filming her told us when he gave us “for free” the video. Well if they didn’t fuck up these college chicks there would be no real amateur porn video on the web right? So goo let them get drunk and let us keep posting the fucking videos!

I haven’t posted a video like this in some time

Playing with her horny man at the back of a stuck, this stunning chick entices this hot stud for an outdoor fuck. See her naughty slit get licked, then, view her awesome cock sucking skills. Witness her then get her pussy pounded in different positions until she gets sprayed with thick sperm.

Linda needs cock and cash!

You all know by now that we also own a Sex Tube and this is where this awesome teen video came from and no I wont give you the url of the tube because it’s not for everyone its just for the VIP members of this blog, so fuck off! Well I’ll tell you what I wont be that harsh tonight and only tonight I’ll give you all free access to the videos, click on the video once that it has ended and get free access. This is a sample video its not the whole thing, and on our tube we only have full videos, thats why we only give access to the very special.

Linda the chick thats fucking in this video is a chick that my younger sister went to middle school with, now Linda is at her third year at college and asked me if I knew anyone that could offer her a job for the summer. I made her a better offer, that of sucking and fucking my cock for a few hundred bucks and an extra 300 if she would let me film the whole thing, she needed the cash and loves to fuck so the deal went on and we did it all the way. You gotta love shit like this go down!

Fine ass bitches ready to party

Is the Party Porn here? or porn party, whatever you wanna call it, is it here? No party!? WTF! Well I have a fine ass video for you anyways, party or no party!

I’ll tell you what you porn loving bastards, these babes have the finest asses that the porn industry has to offer, look at these chicks butts and tell me that you wouldn’t love to fuck then hard all day and all night. I love adult video for this reason also, that you can debate on them with friends and co-workers see what they would do or what they like and confront it with your kinks. I’ll tell you all I love a nice firm but over the average size ass, when I have a chick doggystyle I wanna grab on to them big cheeks while I slide my duck up her anus!

Now thats an ass

Got ass? Thats what this site is all about, but most of the times we are here talking about nice fat asses that stick out and look good. But what about them firm asses? You know, not so big but at the same time they look great. So thats where I wanna go today and show an ass thats taking cock that isn’t that young (shes 36) and that isnt that big, but its a fine piece of fucking ass, thats getting fucked. I gotta run so I’m cutting this post a little short. Where am I going? I can’t tell, yes I can just kidding. I’m off to jerk off to a chick I met on tube videos shes waiting for me right now and I can’t be late shes doing this for free.

white booty


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Big BoOTy Street Footage On Woodnites

Big BoOTy Street Footage On Woodnites

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Ghetto Pizza FTW! The good news is I have a bed now, the bad news is I don’t have a house to put it in 😛 Day 3 of our BBB Adventure, Rainbow Man has returned! I look forward to seeing each of your adventures so don’t forget to post them as a video response 😛 ——————————————————– Want to get in on Our Big Booty Bitchin’ Adventure, then start a new world on the seed: our big booty bitchin’ adventure Then just record your gameplay/commentary each time you see one of my videos and post it as a video response 😛 ——————————————————–

Booty Me Dowwwwnnnn….Shake Dat Ass Girl!!!

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Kids Dancing to Apple Bottom Jeans by T-Pain

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