Hot pornstars and their new official websites

Posted on November 30th, 2015 | by punkpred |

I have interviewed up to date in these past 13 years at least 120 different pornstars, all of which were not just girls that had done a few movies, note these are the true professionals, I have never gone less than Aaliyah Love and if you all know who she is I’m pretty much sure you’ll understand how high my standards are when it comes down to interviewing porn models.

I have to say that Ava Devine was an incredible interview, because she is an incredible person, she is as filthy minded offstage as much a she is in front of the video camera, how you see her on video it how she actually is in real life, she lives for sex, she lives to take it up her ass, she lives to wear sexy lingerie, this is how most of the top ranked and most successful pornstars actually are in real life as well.

karlie montana pornstar

Then you have the humble type, one of which I can name immediately and that would be Pornstar Karlie Montana. This is a shy 24-year-old girl, and one would say how is it possible that a pornstar that gets fucked on video in front of hundreds of thousands of people be possibly shy, while in real life, in their private life, in their every day life many of these incredibly hot and filthy minded porn models are actually shy.

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