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Posted on October 22nd, 2013 | by punkpred |

She’s looking, 19 year old college student Danielle Williams from Atlanta Georgia, she wants to date singles and is looking for a fuck buddy, so she claims on her profile. She also says, if you’re good at what I want you to do, then we can maybe have something more important go on with our relationship. In other words Danielle wants to fuck, she isn’t looking for a boyfriend right now, but if he falls into her lap and he’s the dude she’s always wanted to be with, then the winds could change and she’ll be yours.

self shot whore

I contacted her and told her that I live in town as well and if she would be interested dating a dude thats 10 years older than her (I’m nearly 30). She wanted to see me naked, so I went on can and gave her my best boner. She didn’t think twice and asked me over for a hard sex moment. I was there in less than 30 minutes and in the Atlanta traffic thats pretty good.

It was a great night and she said that she’ll like to see me again, but she still wants to see if theres someone better than me out there and we left it at that. Anyways, she hit me up yesterday and asked me if I wanted to go over to her college dorm again for another round, hey what did you think I said? Duh!

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