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Rosemary curvy to the perfect point

Hey guys, it’s me again, how are you porn fuckers doing? Hope well! Well, yesterday I was as usual online fishing for new porn videos and instead of porn I landed on a Curvy sex chat page and got stuck on it, not because my computer froze, but because the chicks actually got me hooked up there. I signed up to the chat and went into P2P with a gorgeous chick called Rosemery age 24 nice round build and horny as hell. It was a great free trial and loved watching her masturbate and stuffing her holes with big dildo’s. I have a history of big babes, not fat but nice and round. My first fuck at the age of 18 was with a nice round 23 year old whore called Leigh, she was from Georgia and was visiting friends here in Florida, we hooked up and spent the night together at my place and fucked till dawn. Thats when I got into bigger babes and since then for me they’ve been the only way!


I wonder why they call him Blkk Stallion?

I was just being sarcastic, but now theres another question and that would be: “What is this big black 6 packer dude doing on my blog. Well lets say this: We have been posting now for over six years big ass bitches that suck fuck and take it up the ass, but we never post about the dudes that stick their cock inside these bitches holes, so lets talk about them! Did you know that most of the male pornstars in these movies are also webcam guys? Did you know that some of them are actually gay? (thats why they last so long with a woman) and did you know that most of them can be found on Daddy Gay Show a gay webcam site that every guy that likes guys and women that love fit me go to every day. It’s actually a fact that since the summer of 2012 it has become the most popular gay website for cams on the internet. I took a pic of Stallion from his profile, just to show around, if you want to check out his page click on that image, enough said, later!


They met online he fucked her in house

On-line – In-house, do you get it? Well whatever you fuckers! Yep you got it right, thats Stephan and thats another hot babe that he just hooked up with on Amateur Match. The dude is making bank every fucking time that he logs on that website, he gets so much pussy that now hes even turning down the babes that hit him up wanting to go out and fuck, he is fucking a chick a day and has been doing so for the past five weeks, hes close to the 100 whores fucked thanks to, not bad if you think that you don’t even have to pay for the service!

College girl fucked hard and exposed on video

college porn oh my dear college porn, I love college girls getting fucked on videos. College porn has to be the best and I say the very best porn category. I love them amateur whores that in some cases are so fucking drunk that they have no idea that they’re being filmed. Like this chick in the video shes totally stoned so the dude thats banging and filming her told us when he gave us “for free” the video. Well if they didn’t fuck up these college chicks there would be no real amateur porn video on the web right? So goo let them get drunk and let us keep posting the fucking videos!

I haven’t posted a video like this in some time

Playing with her horny man at the back of a stuck, this stunning chick entices this hot stud for an outdoor fuck. See her naughty slit get licked, then, view her awesome cock sucking skills. Witness her then get her pussy pounded in different positions until she gets sprayed with thick sperm.

Linda needs cock and cash!

You all know by now that we also own a Sex Tube and this is where this awesome teen video came from and no I wont give you the url of the tube because it’s not for everyone its just for the VIP members of this blog, so fuck off! Well I’ll tell you what I wont be that harsh tonight and only tonight I’ll give you all free access to the videos, click on the video once that it has ended and get free access. This is a sample video its not the whole thing, and on our tube we only have full videos, thats why we only give access to the very special.

Linda the chick thats fucking in this video is a chick that my younger sister went to middle school with, now Linda is at her third year at college and asked me if I knew anyone that could offer her a job for the summer. I made her a better offer, that of sucking and fucking my cock for a few hundred bucks and an extra 300 if she would let me film the whole thing, she needed the cash and loves to fuck so the deal went on and we did it all the way. You gotta love shit like this go down!

Fine ass bitches ready to party

Is the Party Porn here? or porn party, whatever you wanna call it, is it here? No party!? WTF! Well I have a fine ass video for you anyways, party or no party!

I’ll tell you what you porn loving bastards, these babes have the finest asses that the porn industry has to offer, look at these chicks butts and tell me that you wouldn’t love to fuck then hard all day and all night. I love adult video for this reason also, that you can debate on them with friends and co-workers see what they would do or what they like and confront it with your kinks. I’ll tell you all I love a nice firm but over the average size ass, when I have a chick doggystyle I wanna grab on to them big cheeks while I slide my duck up her anus!

Now thats an ass

Got ass? Thats what this site is all about, but most of the times we are here talking about nice fat asses that stick out and look good. But what about them firm asses? You know, not so big but at the same time they look great. So thats where I wanna go today and show an ass thats taking cock that isn’t that young (shes 36) and that isnt that big, but its a fine piece of fucking ass, thats getting fucked. I gotta run so I’m cutting this post a little short. Where am I going? I can’t tell, yes I can just kidding. I’m off to jerk off to a chick I met on tube videos shes waiting for me right now and I can’t be late shes doing this for free.

white booty


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Big BoOTy Street Footage On Woodnites

Big BoOTy Street Footage On Woodnites

See More Videos At:
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Ghetto Pizza FTW! The good news is I have a bed now, the bad news is I don’t have a house to put it in :P Day 3 of our BBB Adventure, Rainbow Man has returned! I look forward to seeing each of your adventures so don’t forget to post them as a video response :P ——————————————————– Want to get in on Our Big Booty Bitchin’ Adventure, then start a new world on the seed: our big booty bitchin’ adventure Then just record your gameplay/commentary each time you see one of my videos and post it as a video response :P ——————————————————–

Booty Me Dowwwwnnnn….Shake Dat Ass Girl!!!

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Kids Dancing to Apple Bottom Jeans by T-Pain

Why is this happening:
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Main Channel – Daily Vlogs – Shirts! Fans! Twitter! Playlists – Amnesia: The Dark Decent: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood: Call of Duty: Black Ops ONLINE: Bulletstorm: Call of Duty: Black Ops:…
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download this song free

Minecraft – Day 2 – Dead Dead Dead & Dead – Our Big Booty Bitchin’ Adventure

Day 2 of our BBB Adventure, still I manage to accomplish absolutely nothing. I look forward to seeing each of your adventures so don’t forget to post them as a video response :P ——————————————————– Want to get in on Our Big Booty Bitchin’ Adventure, then start a new world on the seed: our big booty bitchin’ adventure Then just record your gameplay/commentary each time you see one of my videos and post it as a video response :P ——————————————————–
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Hotties shaking their ass

Hotties shaking their ass

A present from The Morning Show

Apple bottom Shorts!

Apple bottom Shorts!

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Neha Bhasin's Apple Bottoms Making

Neha Bhasin , the singer has shown what all has gone behind making the Apple bottom Video .. She reveals the secret behind the shoot and her album .. You will get to see the different shots and locations ..

YB aka Young Bud – Ghetto Booty

YB – Ghetto Booty Download – REQUEST “YB – RATCHET” @ Your Local Radio Stations NOW!!!! Power 106 request line (818) 520-1059 or text “YB – Ratchet” to 69106 99.1 Kggi request line (909) 431-5991 or (866) 991-5444 KissFM 102.7 request line (800) 520-1027 or text “YB – Ratchet” to 41027 SUBSCRIBE!!!! SUBSCRIBE!!! SUBSCRIBE!!!!
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us actin an asswhat the bitches are trying to portray in dis video is ((dunking! and imitating the dunk contest)) not the ghetto booty neighborhood contest! so think b4 you type bitch!!!!
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Distal – Apple Bottom

Distal - Apple Bottom

TUBE10010. 2011.
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Ghetto Booty Clap

Ghetto Booty Clap

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Mr. Ceps rockin’ the tables from the bassment. Nothin’ fancy, just two tables and a mixer. From 216 to you, ENJOY!
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Dead Island – GHETTO BOOTY – Part 38

Dead Island - GHETTO BOOTY - Part 38

Playlists: Main Channel – Daily Vlogs – Shirts! Fans! Twitter! Toby Sucks at Dead Island

Phat Ass New York Style Booty YouTube
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Mos Def: Ms Fat Booty – Black On Both Sides

Mos Def – Black on Both Sides Album Check my account to see the other songs of this album and more albums of Mos Def!
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Black Booty Ent – Shake that Monkey [Too Short]

check out our facebook page BLACK BOOTY ENT !! contact us at :: for booking !! it’s Mia Super_Bad , Trixc, & Jas LoLa

Nelly’s Apple Bottoms Contest @ Club 112

Apple Bottom Contest @ Club 112. Hosted by Rich. Off the AUC MIX DVD Vol.2

Apple Bottom Jeans Tpain lyrics: Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans [Jeans] Boots with the fur [With the fur] The whole club was lookin at her She hit the flo [She hit the flo] Next thing you know Shawty got low low low low low low low low Them baggy sweat pants And the Reeboks with the…
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White Booty Shakin Contest


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